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wealthy balance financial video show hosted by Linda Amour Grant


Welcome to Wealthy Balance. This is a monthly finance show meant to inform and educate you on financial strategy hosted by; Linda Amour Grant, CFP, Life Broker.

Linda will impart her knowledge in short videos to help individuals and families work their way towards a healthy financial future.

Ep. 3 Risk Management

Linda Amour Grant discusses the first foundational step in financial management, risk management. Consider the what if’s; What if you get ill? What if you are unable to work?

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Ep. 2 Building a Foundation

Host, Linda Amour Grant, CFP discusses the next steps in your financial plan which is building a foundation. Practical step by step tips to help you take control of your money. Track your purchases- see where your money goes,...

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Wealthy Balance Ep. 1

Dufferin County’s own Linda Amour Grant, Certified Financial Planner hosts Wealthy Balance. As show discussing money, finances and investments.  In episode 1, Linda discusses your relationship with money.  Do we spend it...

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